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Combating Ageism.

Does ageism exist?  Absolutely. Is it the reason you aren’t landing a new  job?  Not necessarily. What does this mean for older workers?  More attention and intention needs to be paid to the job search approach. While for most job searchers it is important to cater your brand (showcasing the best version of yourself and…

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Ask AFD: Gaps in Employment

“Courtney: When looking at my work history you’ll see regular gaps in employment.  Some for 2 months, and others for more than 6.  Most recently, I have been out of work for 5 months and am still searching.  A friend recently told me this is the reason why employers are not calling me back? Does…

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Yes, Job Search Has Changed

Every day I speak with clients, friends, or strangers who are dumbfounded by how much job search has changed in the last ten years. When face-to-face, more often than not,  we head down the rabbit hole of easy tips and tricks that have a huge impact on this new, impersonal process of job search.  These daily conversations made me think…

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