Affordable support for individuals and groups world-wide

Common Questions

You offer a wide variety of services to individuals, groups, and employers.  Why is this? 

Workforce development comes in many shapes and sizes as well, affects an array of ages, communities, companies, organizations, and groups. Besides truly enjoying the services I provide, I have experience and training in a wide spectrum of services, not to mention extensive education to support. I strongly believe there is a lack of training for our youth and young adults on what it takes to get and keep a job (soft skills and job search process). Most job seekers and sole proprietors don’t have all the tools to project the best version of themselves or their business. Once hired its more cost-effective for employers to provide on-the-job training around communication and soft skills than hire someone new. I have the tools and effective vision to provide assistance in all areas. Check out About Me or Testimonials to learn more.


I have read articles that say cheap services equate to poor product, and vice versa. How do you defend your affordable services? 

From the perspective of resumes – on average, it costs $300 to get a resume completed.  Some of the documents I’ve seen at this price point are fantastic, but many are awful and clearly a mass production from some web-based scam.  Not to mention, most people cannot easily drop $300, let alone when seeking employment. A Foot in the Door Consulting was founded in 2013 when year over year, month over month, family and friends sought my expertise for necessary services such as document preparation and business guidance.  The social worker in me identified a need, had the expertise, and ever since has worked to fill a niche. Furthermore, like any service, I strongly believe that recommendations and reviews speak louder than price point.  Check out client testimonials to gain insight on others experience with A Foot in the Door Consulting.


Why is resume assistance from a professional important? 

“Can’t see the forest for the trees” is a perfect idiom to describe creating your own documents.  With such immersion the vast majority of people aren’t great at recognizing and discussing all of their professional accomplishments. Those that can articulate tend to fail at making information easy for employers to extract. Furthermore, most job seekers are unfamiliar with the continuously changing resume standards, or various tips and tricks that can distinguish their application.  With extensive training and experience in gathering and arranging information for employment purposes, A Foot in the Door Consulting specializes in meeting all of these document needs at an affordable price.


Do I need a cover letter? 

Always. Even if an application does not request one this document is the focused narrative to your resume, and helps to paint a more complete picture.  It provides a platform to discuss why you are applying with this company, for this job, making a career change, etc.  A Foot in the Door Consulting provides a-la-carte cover letter services or as part of a Career Navigation Package.


Can I purchase your services for my friends or family? 

Of course! Put a dollar amount towards a general gift certificate or choose from a variety of Career Navigation Packages.  Still doesn’t meet your needs? No problem.  Pick and choose from a list of services to create your own specialized gift certificate package.


Is it necessary to have a resume in combination with an application, and vice versa? 

Yes.  Resumes and applications, although a reflection of each other, are two separate documents in the eyes of an employer. Resumes are your marketing tool, your sales pitch, catered to the perspective you want to the employers to see.  Applications are a legal document and screening tool.  Used in conjunction, It is important that each resume is catered to the specific application.  A Foot in the Door Consulting can help you create a top-of-the-line resume template to be catered for each application, as well, provides resume catering and job application review services as a part of the Career Navigation Packages. Choose which option is best for you.


Interviews are just a conversation. Why would I need to prepare? 

Interviews are similar to a conversation, but the conversation occurs on a stage and the spotlight is aimed at you. Just like actors have rehearsal, practicing your messaging is key to a successful interview. Do you say too much? too little? tangent? Discover tricks for improvement. Not to mention, practicing is even more important when there is sensitive information to navigate around. For example: having limited experience, being laid off from a job, a former employer that won’t give you a reference, or a criminal history.  Interview Preparation Assistance is provided by A Foot in the Door Consulting as an a-la-carte service or at a discounted price when added to a Career Navigation Package.


Do employers search for applicants on the web? 

Recent statistics show that over 50% of employers use a web search to influence hiring decisions. From my personal engagement with employers I would estimate closer to 75% of all employers, depending on the sector. This includes current and former social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter, professional marketing platforms such as LinkedIn, and general news feeds that include your name. There are a variety of tricks to not only clean up your web search, but push bad press that you are not in control of further down the results list.  These specific services can be accessed through A Foot in the Door Consulting as an already developed or personalized Career Navigation Package.