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Job Seekers

The job search process is continually changing. In addition, you have stiff competition – more than 50% of those actively employed are looking for work alongside those that are unemployed. This makes it is critical that your professional presentation stands out at every turn.

Start the process by receiving a free consultation to identify the right solution for you.

All services:

  • Are highly confidential 
  • Personable and individualized
  • Utilize information gathering techniques to extract critical yet unused information
  • Highlight your hard and soft skills while incorporating industry specific language



Resume Writing and Updating: A Certified Professional Resume Writer will guide you through a simple, step-by-step process to gather unused information and create a top-of-the-line document. AFD never mass produces documents, creating individualized, industry and experience appropriate formats. Most importantly, your resume will  meet today’s standards for both in-person screenings and computerized ATS (applicant tracking systems). Unsure if your document needs work? Email your documents with a short description of your questions and goals. AFD will provide a free consultation and quote within 48 hours.


Curriculum Vitae Writing and Updating:  A detailed report of your entire professional experience,  this lengthy document is often required for executive  roles, education-based positions or as application to graduate, PhD, or fellowship programs.  Work with AFD to easily extract the extensive and detailed information and ensure it is arranged in a manner appropriate for the field, sector, or program.


Cover Letter Writing and Editing:  Yes, you need a cover letter. AFD utilizes simple information gathering processes and review of other documents to ensure your cover letter sells your relevance from your perspective. Receive a tailored cover letter for a specific position or a template to be catered to various positions. Already have a cover letter? Utilize cover letter editing services to ensure it’s showcasing the best version of yourself.


Interview Preparation: Do you say too much? Too little? Do you know? Personal branding is important throughout job search, but even more so during an interview.  It becomes even more critical when trying to navigate why you were let go from your previous position, have a gap in employment or worry about explaining a criminal history. Practice with a professional, receive pointers, obtain the tools you need, and learn tips for various types of interviews from phone to panel. Live in the Greater Denver- Metro area? Set up a face to face practice session.


LinkedIn Critique: LinkedIn is being utilized more and more by employers to no only verify your application, but seek you out for employment.  Successful  LinkedIn profiles have specific requirements and qualities that help them stand out and get noticed. Purchase a critique, with step-by-step instructions for improvement. Ask about LinkedIn Profile writing services. 


Job Search Plan Review & Update:  With 21st century technology job search strategies change regularly. Whether you are just starting out, or searching to no avail ensure that your tactics are top of the line.  Receive outlined guidance with industry relevant pointers.


Transition Letter:  Congrats! You’ve accepted a job.  Break the news to your current coworkers, clients, and contacts, by sending out a well-crafted letter that not only elicits your sentiments but maintains your network for a lifetime.



Packaged services do not include the initial resume writing or updating services.

Knocking On The Door: A basic package for job seekers wanting to fine tune their approach for this hiring climate. Package includes:

  • Assistance with editing or writing your cover letter
  • Initial discussion of job search strategies and tips for improvement or LinkedIn profile critique
  • One time review and editing of all documents associated with a specific application


Pounding on the Door: This package is perfect for seekers utilizing online marketing platforms and seeking enhanced support.  Package includes:

  • Assistance with editing or writing your cover letter
  • Discussion of job search strategies and tips for improvement
  • Review of your LinkedIn profile and other portfolios; tips and tricks for enhancement
  • Cover letter and resume catering for up to two specific job applications
  • One time follow up services within a 3 month time frame


Tearing Down The Door: An all-encompassing package aimed at meeting a variety of needs and providing extra support over an extended time period. Package includes:

  • Assistance with editing or writing your cover letter
  • Discussion of job search strategies and tips for improvement
  • Reviewing or creating your LinkedIn profile; tips and tricks for enhancement
  • Critique of other online portfolios
  • Cover letter and resume catering for up to three specific job applications
  • Two follow up appointments at any time within a 6 month time frame