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Provide your group with tangible skill sets and professional growth through one or more of these interactive classes at an affordable cost. Each curriculum is adjusted to meet your groups age range, professional level, and overall focus and includes detailed handouts. Choose or combine any of the the below classes or work with A Foot in the Door Consulting to create a specific class for your needs. Interested in the participants perspective? Read testimonials here.

Class length averages between 1.5 and 3 hours. Pricing starts at $250 an hour for a group of 5. Contact A Foot In The Door Consulting for a free consultation



Resume Basics — Learn the differences and similarities between a resume and curriculum vitae, tips, tricks, do’s, don’ts, and different formatting techniques. This class includes the option for a one-on-one consult of all participants and follow-up editing services.  Class catered to differing ages.

Cover Letter Basics — Cover letters are necessary. Participants will learn to be specific without being wordy, which format is appropriate in 2016, and how to draft a template to be catered for each position.  This class includes the option for one-on-one consult of all participants.

Job Search 101 Is uploading resumes to job search engines safe? are hand written thank you’s still appropriate? what websites are better than others? Your group will not only learn the answers to these questions but also the do’s and don’ts of online applications, how social media can (or won’t) get you hired, and how to effectively follow up.

Interview Preparation This interactive class covers a wide array of interview related topics such as: the proper answer format, how to navigate sneaky or illegal questions, social media as an unexpected reference, and how to appropriately present for the part from portfolios to appearance.



Angry to Appeased — Customer service can be challenging when not equipped with the right tools. Provide your group with the simple yet unused skills to help customers and clients feel heard, then validated, and in-turn satisfied. Participants will identify, learn, and practice specific, proven tactics from active listening to cushion statements.

Aligning the 3 Elements of Communication — With only 7% of communication being the words we use, messages are commonly misunderstood. Groups will learn the basic elements of communication, tactics for improvement in all areas, identify areas for personal growth, and practice the effective incorporation of all three components for effective messaging.

I-Statement 101 — When the going gets tough…. use and I-Statement! Effectively communicating frustrations and needs is the difference between being having a coworker or supervisor hear you, instead of feeling attacked. Participants will discuss real-to-life conflicts in the workplace, breakdown I-Statements and practice their use.

Overcoming the Age GapWith 5 generations actively in the workforce, understanding how to communicate with and through them is key to a fluid group, project, and workplace.  Generational communication will be discussed in detail along with tips, tricks, and style identification tactics.

Boundaries Training — Professionalism at its finest is simply healthy boundaries. Participants will engage in an in-depth understanding of how to identify and set boundaries, the positive effects on the workplace,  safety risks of not setting boundaries, and more.  Can be catered to include instruction on client confidentiality.




Soft Skills for the Workplace — this multifaceted class is best for youth or new-to-the workforce groups. Participants will discuss the difference between the personal and professional self, how to show up at work on time every day, importance of showing ambition, leaving life stressors at the company door, and much more.